【Beginner Guide】My Crypto Heroes|How to start and Strategy guide

My Crypt Heroes is a new type of game using Blockchain technology. We need an additional step before to start playing the blockchain games. In this article, I will explain in detail how to start My Crypt Heroes for beginners.

What is My Crypto Heroes?

  • Train, battle, and trade with historical heroes.
  • Heroes are stored in a blockchain and can be traded freely.
  • Hero’s equipment (original extension) can also be upgraded and traded.
  • Purchase of hero uses cryptocurrency Ethernet (ETH).
  • Browser wallet is necessary to play in full function.

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The main content of My Crypt Heroes is PvE (dungeon explorer) and PvP battle with breeding Heroes. You can get equipment (extensions) with the dungeon explorer. There are two extension types. One is ‘original extensions’ that can be traded and grown stats by level up. Another is ‘replica extension’ which is fixed stats and un-tradable. The original extensions will be stronger than the replicas.

My Crypt Heroes is a game using blockchain. Heroes and original extensions are stored in a blockchain. This allows you to trade digital assets of the game freely. Meanwhile, you need a specific application called “Wallet” to purchase and store game assets and cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH). You can play without a cryptocurrency However cryptocurrency is essential to enjoy for full-scale gameplay.

How to start My Crypto Heroes(For players who do not have cryptocurrency)

  1. Open an account in a cryptocurrency exchange.
  2. Buy ETH.
  3. Install wallet application such as METAMASK (PC), TRUST or TokenPocket (smartphone) and transfer ETH to a wallet.
  4. Visit My Crypt Heroes’ site and buy a hero at crowd sale. (Or, purchase a hero with OpenSea.)

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Prepare cryptocurrency Ethereum and a wallet

If you do not have an account at a cryptocurrency exchange, you need to open an account first. You can also purchase ETH with a credit card with additional fees.


After purchasing ETH, please install google chrome add-in “METAMASK” for PC, install MCH app or browser wallet for your smartphone. These applications are necessary to link cryptocurrency payment and games.

▼MCH app

マイクリApp - My Crypto Heroes

MCH App – My Crypto Heroes
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▼browser wallet


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If you use my invitation code, you can get 2 more heroes! My invite code is “rVq7“. You can only use invite code when you start MCH at first.

Get Yukichi Fukuzawa and Sun Shangxian!

Let’s use external exchanges ‘OpenSea’

You can purchase assets using an external trading site called ‘OpenSea’. You get a hero sold by someone. Check it out occasionally because there may be cheaper than you expected. It is easy to buy. Click on the hero you want to buy, then click “BUY NOW”.

For a detailed of how to use ‘OpenSea’, please see FAQ. Of course, you can use it when you want to sell a hero.

My Crypto Heroes Starting strategy guide

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  1. Build Teams
  2. Put a skill with ‘art edit’ system
  3. Capture the LV10 node and raise the level
  4. Equip extension to strengthen heroes
  5. Raise the level of original extensions

Building Team

Build a team when you get a hero. The team of My Crypt Heroes consists of three heroes, and the battle proceeds automatically by the set team. In other words, the first team organization is important.

The early stage is not that difficult. First of all, it is OK just set three heroes and proceed level up.

You can make a team from the “Team” tab.

You can organize 3 teams and you can register heroes duplicated. However, since the stamina is individually set for the hero, if you have 3 teams x 3 = 9 heroes you can play efficiently.

Hero setting

Hero setting has three items as follows.

  • Extension
  • Art edit
  • Order of use skills

About extension

Extensions are equipment. You do not have any extension at first, but when you capture the dungeon, enemies drop them. Let’s equip them when you get them. Extensions have the effect of stats up and skill change.

There are two types of extensions, “Replica” and “Original”. “Original” can be grown up, and when you will raise it will outperform much better than “Replica”. When you get original I recommend that you equip it, even if it is weak at first.

About Art Edit

Art Edit is a unique system of My Crypt Heroes, which allows you to change the graphics of your heroes. Depending on the graphic, “art editing skill” is obtained. I recommend you to set it from first because you can set art editing skill from the beginning.

About passive skills

Passive skills are hero-specific skills. Passive skills are powerful that trigger under certain conditions and they are the important factors that determine the victory or defeat of the battle. When selecting a hero, you have to check passive skills well!

About skill setting

A total of three skills are actions of a hero. Two of them come from extensions, the last one comes from art editing. This order is changeable.

We need to think strategically, like followings.
・You set buff skill first.
・Recovery skill is set second by reading the right timing.

During the battle, heroes repeat the order determined by skill setting.

Dungeon (node) capture

When you finish team building, you will capture the dungeon (node). Nodes are divided into 6 levels for each of the 4 types.

  • Atanasoff: Drop extensions of physical type. Enemies attack by physical types.
  • Antikythera: Drop extensions intelligence type. Enemies attack by intelligence types.
  • Hollerith: Drop extensions of recovery type. Enemies attack the by physical types.
  • Turing: Drop extensions of the defense type. Enemies attack and recover by special types.

At the beginning, I recommend capturing level 10 of “Athanassof” for leveling and the procurement of weapons. You will raise the level and aiming at “Novis Blade” and “Elite Blade” of the original extension.

If you got it, let’s equip it immediately. During equipped, extensions also gain experience with the hero.

After that, you will repeat the node capturing aiming at the level up and drop of the original extensions. In the future, guild match and rank match will be implemented. If you develop hero and consider your strategy from now, you will be able to proceed favorably.

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