What is Everdragons ?|Collectible × Bookmaker

I thought Evardragons is one of the typical blockchain games what we can only collect and grow dragons. However I was copletely wrong! Though the game just finished pre-sale, I intoroduce sensational collectible game Everdragons.

This game was announed tie-up with Fair.Game., and then the increase of player is expected.

What is Everdragons?

  • Players collect dragons and battle.
  • Dragons’ stats are connected to real-world. e.g. cryptocurrencies or sporting events.
  • Players can bet other’s battles even if they don’t have any dragons.
  • A rarity algorithm is implemented.

Everdragons is a game that players collect dragons and battle as above. There are many these type collectible games. However, this Everdragon is an innovative. The dragons’ stats are linked to something in the real-world.

What is connected to player’s dragon depends on each battle in the future. At the first battle, it will be linked to cryptocurrency. Dragons’ stats change based on price of linked cryptcurrency. The developer said the stats will be connected to results of sports games or electings.

Even if a you don’t have any dragons, you can bet ETH on which dragon will win in a battle. In other words, player can join in book maker through Everdragons.

Additionally, Everdragon is deep considered about ‘the problem of rarity’ that is a problem of collectible games. In a collectible game, there is a case that items sold in the presale were worthwhile initially, however the value will be lowered by the items added later.

The balance of pre-sale players is a very difficult decision, but Everdragons uses a rarity algorithm to adjust the rarity of dragons which is sold in pre-sale. The pre-sale has already finished, but the developer consider all new plaeyers. We can see that the management doesn’t take measures to shorten the life of the game well.