Japanese Blockchain Games Update 2018.5.1

Kei Tarumi

I introduse Japanese Blockchain Games !!

But, most of them are under developping. In Japan, development of blockchain game is delayed because of ligal risk.

Ether Three Kingdoms

Ether Three Kingdoms (ETK) is a collectible game of military commanders.

We can purchase commanders and enhance them.

Developer of ETK is HMSYSTEMS which has made a lot of mobile games.


Crypt-oink is a pig collectible game.

We can breed our own pigs which stored on blockchain.

When dropping a person to the seesaw from a high place, how many meters will the person on the opposite side fly?

Kei Tarumi

This is crazy game.

We purchase item to drop by ETH (the man is free).

Just drop it, then the women sitting left side of the seesaw fly.


Crypto spells is a card game powerd by blockchain technology.

There are any infomation now.