My Crypto Heroes|Tips of Duel (PvP battle) How to Build a Stronger Team

My Crypto Heroes is a collectible battle game using blockchain technology.
PvP is a 3v3 battle system. The battle is organized automatically, therefore, team building decides the outcome.

In this article, I will explain tips of building a strong team.

Battle system

The duel of My Crypt Heroes is a 3v3 team battle. Building a team in advance, the battle will progress automatically. Therefore, team construction is the most important factor. Heroes have a unique status and passive skills. Additionally, you can equip them with extensions. Active skills are set for each extension. You should equip the hero extensions with consideration the original status and skills and strategy as a team. The combination pattern of heroes and extensions is enormous, you can take a flexible strategy. The battle will advance automatically. After choosing an opponent, when the battle begins, scroll down and follow the result. It is a victory to defeat all opponents.

My Crypto Heroes battle strategy guide

Understand the actions of the hero

There are four kinds of the hero’s actions.

  • PHY Attack:Physical attacks such as sword slash or impact
  • INT Attack:Special attacks such as magic or musket
  • Recovery:Recover heroes’ HP
  • Buff Debaff:Increase or decrease the heroes’ stats

About PHY/INT attacks

A high PHY stats hero has high physical attack power, and decrease damage when it receives a physical attack. A high INT stats hero has high special attack power, and decrease damage when it receives a special attack.

About recovery

Recovery volume is higher when the user’s INT and the recipient’s PHY are higher.

About Buff/Debuff

Buff and debuff are actions to raise/down the status of heroes. It will not be effective immediately like an attack or recovery action, but it is more powerful than that.

How to use Passive skills

Each Hero has one Passive Skill activates with a specific trigger.

Examples of triggers: When this hero’s HP is less than XX% for the first time

When this hero has activated skill at a XX% chance
When you begin the battle

Example of effects: Inflict XX% of own PHY value to the front enemy.

Increase whole allies’ INT by XX% of own INT value.

I recommend setting at the front or middle an HP triggered skill. Raise the skill activation possibility because passive skills have no meaning unless they activate. On the other hand, you should set at middle or back when you use the skill which is activated with a probability. Increase the live turn as much as possible and increase the activation opportunity. The skill which is activated at the start of the battle activates in the order from the front hero. It is more effective to rearrange the hero’s order considering the synergy.

How to use Art editing

Players can change the picture of heroes what you want and change one skill from basic skill “rest” by using art edit. All new skills are more effective than rest. You should use art edit.

Tips for team building

Understand the roles of FRONT, MIDDLE, and BACK

You arrange each hero at the front, middle and back in team building. Basically, it is attacked from the front, the basic theory is to place tough hero in front.

Your team will be a well-balanced if you place heroes with the image as below.

FRONT: Allocate high HP and PHY hero to play a role of the shield.

MIDDLE: Allocate high INT or PHY hero to play a role of attacker. The hero who has an HP triggered passive skill should be at the middle.

BACK: Allocate high INT hero to play a role of attacker or healer. The hero who has a probability passive skill should be at back.

Only you have to do is trial and error!

When you lose, you should watch the history of the battle and explore the cause of the defeat.

The front dies soon because HP is insufficient. Recovery and buff/debuff actions are too much and it causes damage lacking. INT is low and recovery value is not enough. Pick up these causes and consider measures.

Typical type of team concept

I mentioned the theory of team building as above, but to make a stronger team you need a team concept.

Currently, the typical team concept is below three:

Balanced type

Balanced type is also effective for node capture. Front accepts the enemy’s attack. And middle and back attack with INT damage skill with powerful total damage amount and recovery. Since the front of this team does not beat down easily, it is very strong if the opponent is righteous.

PHY type

The PHY type is a formation that surely knocks down from the opponent’s front concentrating powerful single attack. PHY attacks are much more damage to one opponent compared to whole INT attacks. It can easily concentrate damage to the opponent front.

INT type

The INT type characteristic is a very high attack power that damages by INT attack skills mainly. This type win against an opponent team with the concept of “exceeding the recovery amount of the opponent” and “defeat the opponent’s from the back”.

Also, as buff and debuff skills often refer to INT, the INT type is also very compatible with these powerful skills.

Each type has compatibility as below.

“Balance”> “PHY”> “INT”> “Balance”

Consider this compatibility and build your own team.


I summarized tips of the duel and team building of My Crypto Heroes.
Repeating trial and error is a better way to progress after you learned my tips.

Let’s try your own tactics and build up your strongest team.