Why BitPet is Popular in Japan ?    

Popular dApps game in Japan is BitPet, but KryptoKitties. There is a difference in fashion bettween Japan and the others.

Why BitPet is so popular in Japan ?

Understanding BitPet’s succsess is important to make your dApps game popular in Japan.

  • Affiliate reward is high.
  • Character design is cute.
  • There are influencer and analyzer.

BitPet’s affiliate: 20% of the amount that invited player pay as fees

The most important thing to make the dApps game popular in Japan is high affiliate reward. In BitPet’s affiliate system, you can earn profits 20% of the amount that invited player pay as fees. This is the same as Binance that became the world’s largest exchange.

Bloggers love affiliate program. If affiliate reward is high, it tends to be a topic because of them.

BitPet’s character design is cute for Japanese



Comparing Cryptokitties and BitPet, most Japanese would say ” BitPet is cute”. Etheremon is also popular, because its design looks like Pokemon that is easy to accept for Japanese. In this way, caracter design is important factor.

Influencer make the dApps game popular

Influencer helps your dApps game to be popular. Japan is a developed country of the dApps game, but dApps gamers are rapidly increasing.

They are famouse dApps influencer.

If you make a good dApps game, how about trying contact with them? EthTown gaind great attention by planning event with Hikaru Nemoto.

Analyzer increase new player

Some Japanese players analyze dApps game. They analyze the characteristics of pets, traded price, popular body part, status that is easy to win in the race and they share it. By these infomation, new player could get to start easily.

The dApps game is a minus sum game for players. Containuous player increase is important to get the game played for a long time. For the same reason, the administration should not make the commission to high.

Learn from BitPet

If you want to make your dApps game succeed in Japan, you should play BitPet once.