Recommended Japanese twitter Accounts for Blockchain Gamer

In Japan, blockchain gamers are rapidly increasing. I introduce the recommended Japanese twitter accounts for following blockchain gaming information.

Blockchain gamers who have special contents

Hikaru Nemoto: Blogger and Youtuber

I released four blockchain games with amount of money I actually earned!

I release the profitable blockchain game and amount 

He is the most famous blockchain gamer in Japan so far. I guess no one doesn’t know him.

Recently, he started streaming videos.

Blockchain gaming concepts are slightly difficult to understand, so video explanation is fairly clear.

He makes a blog “冷静と情熱のアイダ” (Between calm and passion)

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Kihara (PACK): LINE@

Kihara @ PACK challenge a management of LINE@!

It may be first person of dapps gamers?

I decided to face seriously more dapps from now on!

I would like to offer the latest information on dapps and my passion!

Everyone please feel free to join us! …

He is a Gachi gamer declaring that he will become a world top class blockchain gamer.

※Gachi means, facing serious, being fanatic and being maniac to something.

He has opened blockchain gamer ‘s first LINE @. He sends out information what blockchain gamers want.


  • Axie Labo. Egg market analysis
  • Walkthrough of Moon Factory
  • Recommended game introduction

Even if you do not have to investigate these contents yourself, you can receive. It’s very useful.


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Enacoin: Video contents

I started series of video explanation!

Please let me know what you would like me to do something about ETH(╹◡╹)

[Introduction of ETH #1]How to install Meta Mask 

Blockchain gaming is often hard to understand for beginners, in case it is explained with characters.

Content such as Eenacoin, which will be described in the video will make greatly lower hurdles for beginners to join!

The blockchain trends seem to get excited more and more as the video distributors increasing.

You must see the blog ‘えなこいん@人生攻略’. (Enacoin@Walkthrough of Life)


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Blockchain Gaming Blog and Media

dApps market: One of the largest media of blockchain gaming in Japan

Concept of risk and return of cryptocurrency games.

Lead to significant revenue by taking risks.

This point is a very important factor for earnings.

I recommend not only beginners but also those who already use Dapps. …

This is the largest domestic media of dApps market account. You may know even though I don’t introduce.

This media offers comprehensive information on the entire blockchain games.

I think that dApps market is only one media that has 20 items about Etheremon article.

He is Gachi as a media and as a player also.


Makio: Technology (He is familiar with Trust)

He is very familiar with the application ‘Trust’ for playing dApps, including blockchain games, on a smartphone.

He has a blog ‘マキオネア’. (Makionaire)

He is an administrator of the japanese telegram of ‘Trust’.

Following up-to-date information on Trust, which continues to evolve on a daily basis, leads to the comfortable playing of blockchain games.


Sanmari: Information on dApps other than games!

Sanmari spreads general information on dApps as well as games’ information.

This account is a valuable one that we can obtain information not reaching easily.

How about joining Crypto Kitty ‘s extended service SNS “Talk’n’Talk” because she often comes.


Kei Tarumi

I offer to send information about the blockchain gaming!


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